Locate Your 2023 Silverados Paint Code: A Comprehensive Guide

2023 silverado paint code location – Embark on a detailed exploration of the 2023 Silverado’s paint code location. Discover where to find it on various model variants, decipher its format, and delve into its practical applications. Whether you’re seeking touch-up paint or matching colors after a collision, this guide empowers you with the knowledge to navigate the world of Silverado paint codes.

Silverado Paint Code Locations

Locating the paint code on a 2023 Silverado is crucial for touch-ups, repairs, or color matching. Here’s a detailed guide to help you find the paint code on different model variants.

Custom, LT, RST, and High Country Models

For Custom, LT, RST, and High Country models, the paint code is located on a label inside the driver’s side door jamb. Open the door and look for a white or silver label with various vehicle information. The paint code will be listed as a three-character alphanumeric code, such as WA6 or G8U.

Work Truck Models

On Work Truck models, the paint code is found in two locations. The primary location is on a label inside the driver’s side door jamb, similar to the other models. Additionally, a duplicate label with the paint code is located on the driver’s side of the dashboard, visible through the windshield.

Unique Considerations

For all models, ensure the vehicle is clean and well-lit for easy visibility of the labels. If you encounter any difficulty locating the paint code, refer to your vehicle’s owner’s manual for specific instructions or contact your local Chevrolet dealership for assistance.

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Understanding Paint Code Formats

The paint code on the 2023 Silverado is a unique identifier that corresponds to a specific color. The code consists of a combination of letters and numbers that provide information about the color, the type of paint used, and the manufacturing plant where the vehicle was painted.

The format of the paint code is as follows:

  • The first letter indicates the type of paint used.
  • The second letter indicates the color group.
  • The third letter indicates the specific color.
  • The fourth character is a number that indicates the manufacturing plant where the vehicle was painted.

For example, the paint code G1W indicates that the vehicle is painted with a metallic paint, in the white color group, and the specific color is Summit White. The vehicle was painted at the Silao, Mexico manufacturing plant.

There have been no changes to the paint code format for the 2023 Silverado compared to previous model years.

Paint Color Options and Availability

The 2023 Chevrolet Silverado offers a wide range of paint color options to suit various tastes and preferences. These colors are categorized into several groups, including Red, Blue, Black, White, Silver, Gray, and Special Edition.

Each color is assigned a unique paint code that identifies its specific shade and composition. These codes are essential for ordering touch-up paint, ensuring accurate color matching during repairs, and verifying the originality of a vehicle’s paint.


  • Cherry Red Tintcoat (G8U) – A vibrant and bold shade of red with a glossy finish.
  • Crimson Red Tintcoat (G07) – A deep and rich red hue with a metallic shimmer.
  • Red Hot (G06) – A bright and fiery shade of red with a metallic finish.


  • Blue Ray Metallic (G92) – A deep and sophisticated shade of blue with a metallic finish.
  • Northsky Blue Metallic (G03) – A vibrant and eye-catching shade of blue with a metallic finish.
  • Mosaic Black Metallic (G08) – A dark and mysterious shade of blue with a metallic finish.


  • Jet Black (GAA) – A classic and timeless shade of black with a glossy finish.
  • Black Diamond Metallic (G97) – A deep and lustrous shade of black with a metallic finish.
  • Mosaic Black Metallic (G08) – A dark and mysterious shade of black with a metallic finish.

Paint Code Applications and Uses

2023 silverado paint code location

The paint code plays a crucial role in various automotive applications, including:

Paint Touch-Ups

When a vehicle’s paint gets scratched or chipped, the paint code helps identify the exact color match for touch-up paint. By providing the paint code to an automotive paint supplier, you can obtain the correct paint to restore the vehicle’s original appearance.

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Collision Repairs, 2023 silverado paint code location

In the event of a collision, the paint code is used by body shops to determine the precise paint color required for repairs. This ensures that the repaired area seamlessly blends with the rest of the vehicle’s paint.

Vehicle Identification

The paint code can be used as a unique identifier for a specific vehicle. It is often included in vehicle registration documents and can be helpful in identifying stolen vehicles or verifying ownership.

Ordering Correct Paint

To order the correct paint for your vehicle, you will need to provide the paint code to the paint supplier. They will use this code to identify the specific color and finish of the paint. It is important to note that different manufacturers may use different paint code formats, so it is essential to consult your vehicle’s documentation or contact the manufacturer for the correct code.

Limitations and Considerations

While paint codes are generally reliable, there are a few potential limitations and considerations to keep in mind:* Color Variations:Paint colors may vary slightly from batch to batch, even if the same paint code is used. This is due to factors such as variations in raw materials and manufacturing processes.

Paint Fade

Over time, paint can fade due to exposure to sunlight and other environmental factors. This can make it difficult to match the original paint color exactly using the paint code.

Discontinued Colors

Some older vehicles may have paint colors that are no longer available. In these cases, it may be necessary to consult with a paint specialist to find a suitable substitute.Despite these limitations, the paint code remains an essential tool for identifying and obtaining the correct paint for your vehicle.

By understanding the applications and uses of the paint code, you can ensure that your vehicle’s paint is maintained and repaired to the highest standards.

Additional Information and Resources: 2023 Silverado Paint Code Location

2023 silverado paint code location

In addition to the information provided above, here are some additional resources that you may find helpful:

  • Official documentation:You can find official documentation on the 2023 Silverado paint codes on the Chevrolet website.
  • Online forums:There are several online forums where you can discuss the 2023 Silverado paint codes with other owners and enthusiasts.
  • Other sources:There are also a number of other sources where you can find information on the 2023 Silverado paint codes, including YouTube videos, blog posts, and articles.

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Tips for using the paint code effectively

Here are a few tips for using the paint code effectively:

  • Use the correct paint code:Make sure that you are using the correct paint code for your vehicle. You can find the paint code on the vehicle’s service label.
  • Order the correct paint:When you order paint, be sure to provide the correct paint code to the supplier.

  • Use the paint correctly:Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for applying the paint.

Avoiding common pitfalls

Here are a few common pitfalls to avoid when using the paint code:

  • Using the wrong paint code:Using the wrong paint code can result in a mismatch between the paint and the vehicle’s original finish.
  • Ordering the wrong paint:Ordering the wrong paint can result in delays and additional costs.
  • Using the paint incorrectly:Using the paint incorrectly can result in a poor finish.

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Last Word

2023 silverado paint code location

Mastering the intricacies of your 2023 Silverado’s paint code unlocks a world of possibilities. From seamless touch-ups to precise collision repairs, understanding its location and format empowers you to maintain your vehicle’s pristine appearance and ensure accurate color matching. Embrace this guide as your trusted companion, navigating the realm of Silverado paint codes with confidence.

Key Questions Answered

Where can I find the paint code on my 2023 Silverado?

Refer to the glove box label, driver’s side door jamb, or under the hood on a sticker near the radiator.

How do I understand the format of my Silverado’s paint code?

The code typically consists of three characters: a letter indicating the color group, a number representing the shade, and a letter denoting the paint type.

Can I use the paint code to order touch-up paint?

Yes, provide the paint code to your local dealership or automotive paint supplier to obtain the correct matching paint.