73-79 Ford Truck Paint Colors: A Comprehensive Guide to Enhance Your Ride

With 73-79 Ford truck paint colors as our canvas, we embark on a journey to explore the vibrant hues that have shaped these iconic vehicles. From the bold and eye-catching to the timeless and elegant, each color tells a story of style, heritage, and automotive artistry.

Prepare to dive into a world of paint codes, color comparisons, and restoration insights as we unveil the secrets behind the most popular and desirable 73-79 Ford truck paint colors.

Color Availability and Options

73-79 ford truck paint colors

Ford offered a wide range of paint colors for its 73-79 trucks, allowing customers to personalize their vehicles to their preferences. These colors were available in various shades and finishes, including solids, metallics, and two-tones.

The following is a comprehensive list of paint colors available for 73-79 Ford trucks, including color codes, names, and years of availability:

Solid Colors

  • Code:0001, Name:Oxford White, Years:1973-1979
  • Code:0002, Name:Raven Black, Years:1973-1979
  • Code:0003, Name:Bright Red, Years:1973-1979
  • Code:0004, Name:Medium Blue, Years:1973-1979
  • Code:0005, Name:Light Blue, Years:1973-1979
  • Code:0006, Name:Light Green, Years:1973-1979
  • Code:0007, Name:Dark Green, Years:1973-1979
  • Code:0008, Name:Dark Brown, Years:1973-1979
  • Code:0009, Name:Light Brown, Years:1973-1979

Metallic Colors

  • Code:0010, Name:Silver, Years:1973-1979
  • Code:0011, Name:Gold, Years:1973-1979
  • Code:0012, Name:Copper, Years:1973-1979
  • Code:0013, Name:Blue, Years:1973-1979
  • Code:0014, Name:Green, Years:1973-1979

Two-Tone Colors

  • Code:0015, Name:White/Black, Years:1973-1979
  • Code:0016, Name:White/Red, Years:1973-1979
  • Code:0017, Name:White/Blue, Years:1973-1979
  • Code:0018, Name:White/Green, Years:1973-1979
  • Code:0019, Name:White/Brown, Years:1973-1979

Color Trends and Evolution


The color trends for 73-79 Ford trucks evolved over the years, reflecting the changing tastes and preferences of consumers. In the early years, popular colors included bright, bold hues such as Lime Green, Wimbledon White, and Bright Blue. As the decade progressed, more subdued and earthy tones became popular, such as Brown, Forest Green, and Gold.

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Most Popular Colors

The most popular colors for 73-79 Ford trucks varied depending on the model and generation. For example, the F-100 was often seen in White, Blue, and Red, while the F-250 was more likely to be found in Brown, Green, and Gold.

Color Customization and Restoration

Preserving the authenticity of classic Ford trucks involves careful attention to paint color. Selecting the right hue is crucial for maintaining the original character of the vehicle.

Accuracy and Matching Factory Specifications, 73-79 ford truck paint colors

For restoration projects, color accuracy is paramount. Matching the original factory specifications ensures a faithful representation of the truck’s history. Refer to paint codes and consult with experts to determine the exact color used during production.

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Color Combinations and Design

Lifted cab f250 4x4

The 1973-79 Ford trucks offered a wide range of color combinations and design elements that allowed owners to customize their vehicles to their personal tastes. These combinations included two-tone paint schemes, accent stripes, and unique exterior features.

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Popular two-tone paint schemes included Wimbledon White over Dark Blue, Black over Silver, and Ranger Red over Wimbledon White. Accent stripes were also popular, and they could be added in a variety of colors, including black, white, red, and blue.

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Exterior Design Features

In addition to paint colors, Ford also offered a number of exterior design features that could be added to 73-79 trucks. These features included chrome bumpers, grille guards, and side steps. Chrome bumpers were a popular option, and they could be added to both the front and rear of the truck.

Grille guards were also popular, and they provided additional protection for the truck’s grille. Side steps made it easier to get in and out of the truck, and they could also be used as a step to access the truck’s bed.

Ultimate Conclusion: 73-79 Ford Truck Paint Colors

73-79 ford truck paint colors

As we conclude our exploration of 73-79 Ford truck paint colors, let us remember that the choice of color is not merely an aesthetic decision. It is a reflection of your personality, the truck’s history, and the unique bond you share with this legendary vehicle.

Whether you opt for a classic hue or a modern interpretation, may your Ford truck’s paint color forever turn heads and ignite conversations.

FAQ Explained

What are the most popular paint colors for 73-79 Ford trucks?

Ranger Green, Wimbledon White, and Gulfstream Aqua are among the most sought-after colors for these trucks.

How can I determine the original paint color of my 73-79 Ford truck?

Check the door jamb or under the hood for a paint code sticker or consult a Ford paint code database.

What factors influence the value of a 73-79 Ford truck’s paint color?

Rarity, popularity, and condition all play a role in determining the value of a specific color.